Dean Schwartz is the 10th Dean of the University of  Pacific’s McGeorge School of Law. He previously served as Dean and Professor of Law at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock Bowen School of Law. In January 2017, National Jurist Magazine named Dean Schwartz the 9th Most Influential Person inLegal Education, the third year in a row he has been ranked among the top 15 in the nation.

Dean Schwartz is a leading national expert on teaching and learning law. He is the author of ten books, seven law review papers, three book chapters, and eight shorter works addressing a wide variety of teaching, learning and curriculum design topics.  Schwartz’s books include What the Best Law Teachers Do published by Harvard University Press and a contracts textbook, which was the first book in a textbook series he designed (and now edits). Schwartz also is the author of a leading bar pass text, Pass the Bar!, and a leading book on how to succeed in law school, Expert Learning for Law Students.

Dean Schwartz has delivered more than 200 professional presentations about law school teaching including conducting training programs for law professors at dozens of law schools throughout the United States and from Chile, Germany, the Republic of Georgia, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, and Chile.

Dean Schwartz is the chair of the American Association of Law Schools’ Section for Deans, and he is a former chair of the Sections on Teaching Methods and Balance in Legal Education.   Dean Schwartz is a Consultant to the Institute for Law Teaching and Learning, and he is a member of the board of advisors for a national legal publisher and two peer-reviewed law reviews. Schwartz’s Contracts course was selected by the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System’s Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers Project as reflecting “exemplary innovative teaching.”